three close up images of ticks


Ticks can carry and transmit a variety of diseases to people and animals. The 3 most common ticks in Ohio include the blacklegged or deer tick which is active year round even in the winter months and is found mainly in the woods, the American Dog tick which is more active in the spring and summer and is found in grassy areas, and the Lone Star tick which lives in wooded areas, particularly in second-growth forests with thick underbrush, where white-tailed deer (the primary host of mature ticks) reside.


One of the best ways to keep ticks from becoming attached is to spray clothing, shoes and boots, and gear with a product with that contains 0.5% of permethrin. Allow spray to dry as it is poisonous to cats in liquid form. Clothing will remain protective through several washings. Repellents that contain 20% or more of DEET, picaridin, or IR3535 can be applied on exposed skin for protection that lasts several hours. Always follow manufacture directions.


If you find a tick attached, save the tick for identification purposes. Different ticks carry different diseases so knowing the species of tick is important for identifying the disease it may carry.