new subdivisions


The first step before dividing any property is to contact the Planning Office at 740-380-9634. When a new lot is created that is less than 5 acres in size, approval from the Health Department is required in addition to the Planning Office approval before the split can be recorded. New lots must have at least sixty (60) feet of public road frontage and be a minimum of 80,000 sq. ft (1.836 acres) that is not in the designated 100-year flood zone or has been previously strip-mined or disturbed. This is to ensure there is adequate space for a sewage treatment system plus room for future replacement. Health Department approval is also required for all new subdivisions.

Any person proposing a subdivision or new lot(s) for review by the Health Department shall submit an application and sufficient information for this office to verify compliance with the Ohio Administrative Code. Minimum information to be submitted or completed for review shall include the following:

  • Completed application and any associated fees;
  • Staked or marked locations of proposed lot corners/property lines on site; Once these are flagged please contact the Environmental Health Division for a property split evaluation.
  • A scaled drawing. Any person proposing a subdivision may use previously prepared or otherwise available drawings such as a survey prepared by a registered professional surveyor, an aerial photograph or digital orthophotograph prepared from a geographical information system, a soil evaluation or other similar drawing for preliminary review. The drawing shall include the assessment and documentation of the following:

  • The acreage of each proposed lot and the total land area
  • Proposed lot lines with detail on site conditions including vegetation, and drainage features;
  • Any site information deemed necessary related to prior or existing land use including existing and proposed: easements, utilities, structures, wells, foundations, roads, drainage features, water bodies;
  • Identification of one or more system type(s) that might be feasible on the proposed lot(s). The type of sewage treatment system (STS) that might be feasible is identified through a soil evaluation. The soil evaluation is completed by a soil scientist and the soil report submitted to the Health Department for review.
  • For new lot or subdivision proposals having more than 5 lots the scaled drawing shall also include topographic detail with contour lines sufficient to determine slope and adequate length along the contour in the areas considered suitable for STS.