new subdivisions


When a new lot is created that is less than 5 acres in size, approval from the Health Department is required before the split can be recorded.  Health Department approval is also required for all new subdivisions.



  • Before dividing any property, contact the Planning Office at 740-380-9634 ext. 28.
  • New lots must have at least sixty (60) feet of public road frontage and be a minimum of 80,000 sq. ft. (1.836 acres) that is not in the designated 100-year flood zone or has been previously strip-mined or disturbed.  This is to insure there is adequate space for a sewage treatment system plus room for future replacement.
  • For existing homes, the new lot lines must be a minimum of 10 feet from any part of the sewage and water systems.
  • Flag all property lines and contact the Environmental Health division for a property split evaluation (Property Split Evaluation Form). There is a nominal fee for this service. A soil analyses by a certified soil scientist or from the Health Department is also required.
  • The Health Department will stamp the survey once it has been approved and stamped by the Engineers Office.
  • Have a deed created and take it along with the approved survey to the Planning Office for approval.
  • Record new split at the courthouse.