housing development


The Hocking County Health Department is responsible for issuing building placement permits for residential homes that are not located inside of Logan City or within a licensed manufactured home park. Manufactured homes and all commercial buildings including transient or cabin rentals must obtain a building permit through the Industrial Compliance Division of the Ohio Department of Commerce
Phone: 800-523-3581

A building placement permit is required for both a new construction or to replace a home and must be obtained prior to the start of construction.


Complete a permit application remit the required fee and schedule a site and evaluation with a sanitarian. 

When replacing a home, the existing sewage system must be inspected by the Health Department and risers to grade are required on all septic tanks and aerators. The septic system must comply with the rules that were in effect when the system was installed and cannot be creating a public health nuisance. Once the Building Replacement Permis is issued, it should be posted at the end of the driveway by the road.