Safe Plan
As the severe weather season approaches, take some time during Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week to assemble a safety plan with your family, friends, or household. Planning will lower the chance of injury or death if severe weather, such as a tornado, strikes.
Pay Attention
Ensure everyone knows the signs of a tornado, including a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud, an approaching cloud of debris, or a roar – similar to a freight train. Pay attention to the weather and weather reports. Meteorologists can predict or forecast when conditions might be right for a tornado to develop.
A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that comes in contact with the ground – usually descending from the base of a severe thunderstorm. Tornadoes are usually visible as funnel clouds. Related severe thunderstorms can produce heavy rains, flash flooding, and hail.
Tornado Safety Tips
Whether practicing in a tornado drill or sheltering during a warning, the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness encourages Ohioans to DUCK!

D - Go DOWN to the lowest level
U - Get UNDER something
C - COVER your head
K - KEEP in shelter until the storm has passed
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