As COVID-19 cases rise across the United States, the success of the COVID-19 vaccination program becomes even more crucial to protect Americans, to restore some normalcy to our lives and reduce the impact it has on our businesses and schools.  As more vaccine becomes available in 2021, anyone who would like to receive a vaccine will be able to do so.

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In the early vaccination phase, there will be a limited supply of the vaccine. At this time, those who are at most at risk, essential healthcare workers and personnel caring for COVID-19 patients will be first group eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine (Phase 1A).
Ohio's Vaccination Program

Governor DeWine has announced that Phase 1B will include the following groups, and TENTATIVELY may begin later in January.  As allocations of vaccine in our state and county remain limited, the state of Ohio has not given LCGHD a specific date as to when the vaccination of Tier 1B will begin.  Please keep in mind, Ohio’s plan may not be the same as what is occurring in other states.
Ohio's Vaccination Program - A Phases Approach